Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hello Hello ! My beautiful readers all over ! I have truly missed you guys more than you know. I know its been a while since I've posted and i honestly feel H O R R I B L E about it =( . BUT I'm back better than ever with new ideas for the DiaryofanUrbanJunkie which I know you guys will LOVE. So please be patient with me while changes occur. I promise to update more frequently, considering I am now out of school for the summer and I can focus on my baby(the blog) more than ever ! It makes me so excited just thinking about it!! (SMILES REAL HARD) I hope you guys are ready for a FUN FILLED summer from DiaryofanUrbanJunkie ! Here are a few photos of the past few weeks, I've really been perfecting my make-up, and natural hair tutorials. Tell me what you think !
shout out to MY BABY who graduated from Morgan State w. a Degree in Social Work ^_^ PROUD OF YOU


  1. welcome back!!! looking forward to reading your posts!!!