Monday, September 23, 2013

Addicted too . . . Ruby Woo

Hey Loves!

I recently was invited to a get together for a friend a week ago. Which was the perfect opportunity for me to get dolled up and have a good time! Since graduating in May, I haven't had much time to relax and spend time with friends which is literally KILLING   me softly I swear! (saying this in my best Lauryn Hill Voice). Anywayyy . . . I decided to beat my face something light of course! Regular eyebrows, lashes, foundation and blush did enough for me! What added the pop to my face is my GO TO lipstick RUBY WOO! Ladies if you have not purchased this Matte Retro Red color from MAC . . what are you waiting for? I LIVE for this lipstick color; it looks good on every woman in every shade!

What do you think of my Face ladies?

Ruby Woo have you purchased it yet?



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